Peltonen is the ski brand I ski on! The skis are manufactured in Finland, and is provided in Sweden by Backcountry Equipment AB. I’ve been skiing on Peltonen skis as long as I have competed in cross-country skiing and have never had reason to switch.



I use Rex ski poles and Rex ski waxes when i ski. The pole I use is the R1 World Cup Racing pole It’s very light and stiff with an excellent swing. The ski waxes is of the best quality found on the market.



I use Alpina ski boots when i train and compete. Their ski boots is by far the most comfortable for me and the ones that givs me the best best possible conditions to perform.


Swiss Eye

SwissEye is a German sports eyewear manufacturer. I use their sports glasses and snow-screens during training and competition. SwissEyes products are always top quality and great looking!



Stylish and lightweight helmets! Etto helmets make sure that I protect my head when I train and compete on roller skis. At the moment I use the extremely light weight and very comfortable X-light model.