Autumn-elghufs in Romme Alpin with Oskar Lundqvist

A tough but fine elghufs-interval session were done yesterday morning along with Oskar Lundqvist in Romme Alpin. A similar session to which I did a few times earlier in the summer with, among others, Adam Steen and Adam Larsson.  Today with my team mate Oskar.

The session went really well! Three intervals of approx. 15 minutes each. I was a bit hesitant on the second, which also were the slowest, but otherwise I am very happy! The body responded well and I could keep a good technic without too much just running with the poles. Oskar did a really good workouts as well and surprised positively. As it looks right now he goes towards a really strong final season as a junior skier!

Oskar autumn hufs
Oskar on the way to the top on the last and final interval.

Autumn- elghufs


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