Crashed in the quarter-finals in the rollerski NC Sprint

It had been raining heavily for a while before qualification runs. So I, like most of the others chose to run the qualification on rain wheels. The qualification went beyond my expectations and I qualified for the quarter-finals as 14th man (48 starting 30 of which goes through to the finals ).

In the quarter-finals, I got a tough heat with Anton Hedlund, Marcus Grate, LudvigHolmberg, Lars Ericsson and Johanns Ringsby. My start was extremely bad but I found a good pace and my bodyfelt good for the first time in ages. Unfortunately, half way into the race Johannes, myself and Ludvig crashed in a wet and slippery bend. Luckily no one got severely injured.

Rullskid-SM sprint 2017 Emma L and Måns Sunesson
I shared skis with Emma Larsson in both the qualifying and the finals. Emma finished fifth against the seniors in the women’s class!


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