Swisseye Gardosa RE+

New from SwissEye and Etto!

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I will continue to use SwissEye and Etto products for training and racing also next season. I am very happy about the extention and that I can continue using these great looking and awsome products!

Etto Scalpel

Etto Scalpel Swisseye C-shield
Etto Scalpel along with SwissEye C-Shield

The new helmet I received to protect my head is of model Scalpel. So far it has been very good. It is stylish, fits well, have really good ventilation, reflective material in the back, and the amazing feature shade parking for my SwissEye glasses!Etto Scalpel Etto Scalpel Etto Scalpel

SwissEye Gardosa RE +

Måns S SwissEye Gardosa RE +
SwissEye Gardosa RE +

Gardosa RE + is an entirely new model from SwissEye. The variant of the model that I am going to use have a black and red frame and have photo chromatic glass. I’ve had a chance to test it a bit and liked it! The glass is slightly smaller than in the two other models I use, Novena and C-Shield, and the frame is more spacious. The more spacious frame allows it to not sit as tight on the face as other models. That can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the circumstances and how you prefer a pair of shades to fit.

SwissEye Novena

SwissEye Novena blue matte/black
SwissEye Novena blue matte/black

SwissEye Novena is perhaps my favorite model and I have written about before in a post here! Now I have the blue one. One of the colors that the model is very pretty in!

Big thanks to HTS-Safety AB for sponsoring me ant making it possible for me to use their amazing products!


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