Rullskid-SM 20 km skate 2016

Most of my posts in English is translated automatically and is therefore full of grammatical errors.

Today’s race, Rullskid-SM 20 km, was no big shots! It was pouring rain before and during the start of the race. I had no rain-wheels so I had to take a chance and go on a softer polyurethane wheels, hoping to gain some grip when kicking. A bad choice it would seem. I had scarcely better grip than those who went on the harder “regular” wheels and rolled after a few laps when the rain abated somewhat, significantly worse than them. I finished the race in 24th place. Far from the place I would have liked!

Below some pictures from the day:

Rullskid-SM 2016
Rullskid-SM 2016
First corner, whith 40 skiers  at the same time on the wet track.
Rullskid-SM 2016
no optimal cornering Technique today!
Rullskid-SM 2016
Jonatan in the first Corner.
Rullskid-SM 20 km
Somewhere halfway through the race along with Johannes Eklöf (IF Hallby SOK) and Viktor Axelsson (Borås SK)

Rullskid-SM 20 km

Rullskid-SM 2016 20 km

Almost immediately after our contest was finished it became bursting up and bright sunshine the rest of the day ...
Almost immediately after the race was finished the sun started to shine, and it continued to do that the rest of the day …


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