The rollerski season and Tourism Destination Development

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After a looong  absence from here, I thought I was going to make a comeback with a update on things in general and a review of the racing season on roller skis this summer.

I have  started school as a full-time student again. I will attend the one-year International Master’s programme in Tourism and Destination Development at Högskolan Dalarna here in Borlänge. The choice of tourism and destination development to study  at advanced level within feels like the right choice! I feel that this is something that interests me a lot and something I would like to work in in the future! My Class is also really good! With classmates from: The Netherlands, Moldova, Italy, Indonesia, Dubai, Brazil, France and the Czech Republic, there are many perspectives on things and interesting reflections and discussions.

The Tourism Destination Development class. A beautiful group of amazing individuals!

The rollerski season

The racing season on roller skis started quite late for me this year, it was also quite short. The first races for my part were at the national championships in Helsingborg at the start of July. The first event this year was a sprint. With poor motivation and almost non-existent warm up, I qualified  from the prologue in 20th place. Once in the quarterfinals I found a little motivation and started to enyoj the racing. Having gone in the fastest quarterfinals for the semifinals as lucky looser. Once there, I broke my pole close to the finish line and didn’t really get the chance to fight for a place in the final heat. However, I was happy with a fifth place in the semi-final and a 10th place in total.

Semifinal heat in the National championships.

The mass-start over 18 km on the following day didn’t go quite as well. I ended up in 26th place and was a little bit disappointed.

One week after the national championships i raced the World Cup in Torsby. In the mass-start over 7 km i placed 26th and got my first World cup points!

From the prologue in Torsby. Photo: Tom-William Lindström (TW-Media)

The season’s final race was at Alliansloppet Action Week, where I raced Friday’s uphill-sprint Race. I did a perfectly fine race in really tough international competition. A good finish to a short race season on roller skis!

Pictures from this summer and spring

These have been used diligently this summer!

Good weather this summer!

From one of countless training sessions with Adam Larsson this summer.

Mountain hike with the family!

Summer on the mountain!

From a magical morning walk at Fryken!
Pride parade in Falun!

Good days when you can go skiing and sunbathing at the same time!


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