Good ending to the season 2016-2017

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It was in all cases a pretty good end of season 2016-2017! I got to show above all myself that I actually can go pretty fast on skis after a rather complicated and generally a bit dull season. After the disease at SM, I chose to run a training period with the last three race weekends of the season as goals once I healed.

Orsa Grönklitt Oskar Lundqvist
I and Oskar for up to Grönklitt to get exercise in the real winter conditions in late February when it was pretty bad at home. We thought we’d take a new road and eventually ended up in the ski slopes and “Blueberry forest”.
Gyllbergen Måns Sunesson
Gyllbergen and nice weather. A paradise for all sunshine racers!
Gyllbergen Måns SUnesson
I would have liked more days like this!
SM 5-mile Umeå 2017
I left SM 5-mile March 25. It went okay, considering that I have not competed in nearly two months. I opened up the race a bit too cautiously and lost a lot of time already in the beginning of the race. got some good backs to go in and raised the speed in the middle of the race. Finally went in goal in place of 50. It may not sound like much but I was happy to just take me right into the goal after a bad winter! In the picture, I went back to Emil svensson (ÅSarna IK), just like at the skigymnasium idea!

The weekend after the 50 km I went traditional Grönklittsjakten. Last year I finished third, this year the competition was much better. I completed day 1 on 10th place. Day two I made a really good pursuit in classic style (I drove with bracket, of course!). I drove me up a location and had 5-6th duration on that day.

Fjällsprinten on april 6. The body and form felt good but it was absolutely lousy … Mountain top race two days later became the season’s best races with a 29th place approx. 8 minutes after victorious Dario Colonga over the 35 km race.


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