Swisseye Revert

SwissEye Revert

Swisseye Revert

This post is written in collaboration with one of my sponsors/partners SwissEye SwedenSwiss-eye skiing

The revert is one of SwissEyes newest models. It is currently available in four different designs.  I have been using the black design with red smoke BR Revo-glass this summer. The model is a little different to ski in and was not therefore directly a favorite such as SwissEye Novena or SwissEye C-shield. It has, however, on me during the summer and I use it quite often now.

It is by no means perfect and have some clear weaknesses. For example, the light reflects  in an unpleasant way when you’ve got the sun in your back. But in General, it is a comfortable and stylish.

Two additional glass, an orange and a transparent comes with the glasses in addition to the standard glass, which differ between designs. However, it was unnecessarily difficult to change glass so I tried only once and has since only been using the Red standard glass. In addition, as always from SwissEye a neat storage case to protect and store your glasses when they are not in use comes with the glasses.

I can recommend SwissEye Revert if you want a pair of stylish and comfortable sports glasses that stand out and attract some attention. If you are just looking for performance when you go skiing, ride your bike or run, however, there is  better alternatives in the same price range. SwissEyes models Novena or Gardosa RE+ that I have written about earlier, for example.


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