Swisseye C-shield


Swisseye C-shield

This post is written in collaboration with one of my sponsors/partnersSwiss-eye skiingSwisseye C-shield Måns Sunesson

Swisseye C-shield is a very cool model sport glasses! Especially for gadget freaks  but also for ordinary people! The model  is entirely in carbon fibre which makes the model very light (and cool looking)! The lens is in one piece and is photo chromatic, meaning it adapts the light transmission depending on how sharp solar light is. An adjustable rubber coated nose segment makes sure the glasses is sitting properly in place. That along with the low weight makes it feel like you’re not even wearing them!

I use the Swisseye C-shield much while running. The model’s weight and fit makes it in my opinion perfect for running! It sits perfectly still, weighs nothing, and light transmission is always optimal! I also use it a lot during roller skiing. Sometimes when skiing even though my favorite models when skiing is Swisseye Novena and Swisseye Snow Screen.

The photochromic and enhancing lens is also awesome when it’s difficult lighting conditions when skiing and it’s hard to see the contrasts in the snow. The increase in light transmission and contrast is always optimal in order to be able to read off the track and make the right decisions quickly.

Jonatan Palander Måns S Sellnäs IF Swisseye C roller skiing-shield
I used Swisseye C-shield on the Team Sprint at the Rollerskiing national championships i Norrköping this summer! My team-mate Jonatan used the Novena model.
Rullskid-SM 2016 sprint
Me in front of the peloton at end of the first leg in the sprint relay.

If you are looking for sports glasses and like carbon fiber, or just looking for a pair of high quality sports glasses, I recommend that you take a closer look at Swisseye C-shield!


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